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The web-manual to improve the flow of the housing market

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Currently, the housing market is stuck. The great housing shortage has led to a congestion on the housing market, enormous rental and purchase prices and inadequate housing.


To solve this crisis, the municipality puts a strong focus on the construction of new homes, and rightly so. A shortage of housing can only be solved by adding more houses. However, the construction of new homes does not happen overnight, the space reserved for housing is limited, and, most important of all, the climate crisis calls for more innovative solutions. That is why we need to look beyond the (re)build of houses and improve the ‘flow of the housing market’


In order to take a first step in realizing a more inclusive housing market with an adequate home for every Dutch resident, we used the Urban Living Lab methodology to look for solutions together with all important stakeholders. After months of hard work, research, co-creation and design we developed a manual to help municipalities improve the flow of their housing market. Interested? Click on the following link to find the English manual.


What did we do?


We investigated the challenges of the housing market and the so-called congestion.


We discovered that it is not easy is to realise an adequate home for every Dutch resident.


We have designed a manual to improve the flow of the housing market.


We developed the manual through co-creation sessions with RUIMTEVOLK and all involved stakeholders.

What did we develop?


This website has been created by students of the master MADE of the AMS Institute. The website is part of the Made Living Labs 2021. The manual and toolbox are created by with input from RUIMTEVOLK and the municipality of Almere.

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